Ernie London’s Eco-Friendly Digital Transformation

Ernie London, a leading sustainable workplace coffee company, aims to revolutionise coffee delivery in London while maintaining a commitment to environmental responsibility. Focused exclusively on London Zones 1 and 2, Ernie London supplies workplaces locally, utilising a converted electric milk float and e-bikes as part of their sustainable and eco-friendly coffee delivery. We worked with […]

What is a digital sustainability audit?

At Dolce Studios, we offer free digital sustainability audits to business owners, but you might be wondering what it is and why would it be beneficial to your business. Businesses are increasingly prioritising sustainability and efforts to reduce carbon emissions, yet one area often overlooked is the environmental impact of digital infrastructure. Your digital strategy […]

A More Sustainable Digital Horizon: Solutions for Sustainable Website and App Design with 100% Renewable Energy

In the fast-paced digital landscape, the pursuit of sustainability is reshaping how we approach website and app development. As businesses strive to reduce their carbon footprint, the use of 100% renewable energy hosting solutions, carbon-offsetting initiatives, image optimisation, and web-page optimisation have emerged as key pillars in building a greener, more eco-conscious online presence. Eco-Friendly […]

Quirk Studio becomes part of We’re Digital Ltd

We’re Digital Ltd. Enhances Creative Offerings through Acquisition of Quirk Studio 28th November 2023 – We’re Digital Ltd., a dynamic player in the digital solutions industry, is thrilled to announce the successful acquisition of Quirk Studio, a distinguished web design and branding company. This strategic move underscores our ongoing commitment to providing comprehensive digital services […]