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We help food, drink & hospitality business transition to greater digital sustainability, through bespoke web & app solutions powered by renewable energy.

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Powered by 100% renewable energy

About Dolce Studios

Welcome to Dolce Studios, where we firmly believe that design should leave a lasting mark. We're based in Kendal, and specialise in web design & development, and app development. We uniquely focus on elevating food, drink and hospitality businesses to not only stand out but also embrace sustainability.

We build websites and apps for:

Sustainable Restaurants and Cafes

Organic Food Producers

Artisanal Beverage Brands

Farm-to-Table Restaurants

Ethical and Socially Responsible Food Businesses

Healthy and Sustainable Food Startups

Food Festivals and Events

Community-Driven Food Initiatives

Ethical Coffee Roasters

Eco-conscious Catering Services

Farmers' Markets and Local Producers

Eco-friendly Restaurants and Chains

Wine and Spirit businesses

We don’t believe in off-the-shelf solutions – our approach is all about understanding your brand, goals, and audience to craft a website that stands out. From sleek aesthetics to seamless functionality, every element is meticulously curated to reflect your distinct identity.

At Dolce Studios, we don’t force your needs into a mould; we sculpt adaptable digital solutions. Our agile developers use cutting-edge tech to bring your ideas to life. Whether you’re scaling, pivoting, or innovating, our fully-flexible web development keeps you ahead.

Our approach goes beyond coding – we’re committed to creating intuitive, engaging, and scalable apps that resonate with your audience. Whether you’re launching a new concept or enhancing an existing one, our app development service is geared to elevate your digital presence.

Our Process

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Bespoke design

Testing &


Our sustainable processes

Renewable hosting

At Dolce Studios, we prioritise sustainability in our website & app development approach. working with Krystal Hosting, we ensure that the solutions we create are hosted on 100% renewable energy. this allows us to deliver high-performance websites & apps while minimising our environmental impact, aligning with our commitment to a greener digital future.

Page & image optimisation

A big part of our sustainable approach is optimisation. Smaller pages and images result in a smaller server load and as a result, a lower carbon output. We put time into finely tuning every website we produce to have as low of a server load as possible, without comprising on the user experience. Whilst working with Ernie London, we reduce their server load from 2.38g’s of co2 per page load to 0.83g’s, which is a 86.67% reduction!

Offsetting carbon output

We understand that there will be times where your website or app will need to interact with third-party services, that may not be running on renewable energy. To help with this, we work with One Tribe to calculate the remaining carbon output of your digital solutions to offset.

Funding sustainability projects

We work with with Ecologi and One Tribe to help fund sustainability projects around the world. We do so by putting 2.5% of the value of each invoice we send out towards this. We discuss with each client about any specific sustainability and community projects that they want us to fund.

Remote working

We reduce our carbon footprint through remote working. Our team works from wherever suits them, giving them a greater work-life balance, and helping better manage our Co2 output. 

Striving for more

At Dolce Studios, we’re always on the look out for ways we can improve our processes, learn more about the environment, become more sustainable, and offer a broader range of environmentally friendly services.

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